2023 Issues

Cessna Owner Magazine November 2023

8 Featured Plane
The All-Around Skywagon
20 Avionics
Situational Awareness: ForeFlight
26 Sky Talk
Do You Need Renter’s Insurance?
30 Not Your Father’s Salvage
BAS Parts Sales Offers Quality Parts on a Cutting-Edge Website
38 Maintenance Test Flights for GA Pilots
42 A Maintenance-Induced Emergency
One Owner’s Close Call
44 Industry News
46 Hangar Tip
Correcting Headset Mistakes

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Cessna Owner Magazine October 2023

8 Featured Plane A Backcountry State of Mind Cory Rance’s 1980 Cessna 180K Is the Perfect Off-Field Aircraft
18 Avionics Personal Minimums
22 Sky Talk Fly More, Save More!
28 Freedom and Adventure in a Cessna 172M
30 I Want to Paint My Plane. Now What?
38 Cylinder Baffling & Keeping Your Engine Cool
46 Hangar Tip Engravers.Net

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Cessna Owner Magazine April 2023

8 Featured Plane: The 177RG Cardinal
16 Avionics: Electronic Conspicuity
20 Sky Talk: Save Money With Owner-Assisted Annuals
24 T182 Transformation
34 Industry News
46 Hangar Tip: How to Check Seat Rollers
On the Cover: Photo of Eric and Vaynus Bradley’s 1976 177RG Cardinal by Jack Fleetwood

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Cessna Owner Magazine March 2023

8 Charlie Gasmire’s Airplane Academy
16 Avionics: IFR “Lite”
20 Sky Talk: What the FAA and Insurance Companies Say About the Left and Right Seat
24 Neglected 172: Bargain or Money Pit?
30 Product Review: Lightspeed Delta Zulu Headset Review
34 What You Need to Know About Air Traffic Control
46 Hangar Tip: Where to Find Lubrication Information

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Cessna Owner Magazine February 2023

8 Cessna 172 Market Report & Tips
16 Gary Anderson Preserves a Classic 172 Skyhawk
18 Avionics Q&A: Recommendations on Slide-ins, GPS, and More
22 Sky Talk: Tips and Traps in Warranties
26 How to Repaint Interior Plastic Trim
32 172 Panel Upgrade & STC Now Available
46 Hangar Tip: 177 and 210 Carry-Through Spar ADs

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