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December 2023

What’s Inside…

8 Featured Plane 
1966 Cessna 150F 
“Bluebonnet”: Crown Jewel of the 2023 Ranger Airfield Raffle 
By Laurie Einstein Koszuta

16 Once in a Blue Moon! 
By Stephen Cross 

18 Avionics 
New Products From the Shows 
By Bob Hart

24 Sky Talk 
Hull Coverage and How to Save Money 
By Scott “Sky” Smith 

28 Flight Simulator Survey 
Member Insight & Tips 
By Dan Brownell

38 Save a Life – Verify Fuel Type 
Why You Should Never Say ‘Top it Off’ 
By Laurie Einstein Koszuta

44 Industry News

46 Hangar Tip  
Catch Propeller Nicks Before They Become Cracks 
By Jack Boyd

Member Activity 

42 Member Q&A 
6 From the Editor 
45 Advertising Index 

On the Cover 
Photo of 1966 Ranger Airfield Cessna 150F by Jack Fleetwood (