2020 Issues

Cessna Owner Magazine September 2020

8 Featured Plane: Cessna 172
14 172 Owner’s Perspective By Glenn Chiappe
6 Avionics Accessories: Extras to fill your empty panel slots
22 Can I “rent” to my friends?
26 My Sky: Chapter 10, Flying on Ice
30 Owner-Performed Preventive Maintenance
The mysteries of FAR 43
46 A Better Way to Organize Your Baggage Area

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Cessna Owner Magazine August 2020

8 Featured Plane: 64 Years of Skylanes
14 182 Owner’s Perspective, By Travis Latham
16 Avionics: Gyros, autopilots, and more
20 Flying Past TBO
24 Are Vortex Generators Worth It?
28 Repair Over Replacement: Services that can save owners money
30 Making Sense of the Back-Course Approach
46 How to Degrease Your Airplane’s Belly

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Cessna Owner Magazine July 2020

8 Featured Plane: Cessna Aerobat
14 150 CFI’s Perspective
16 The uAvionix AV-30-C
20 Flights Over Water: A cautionary tale
24 Member Restoration: Laurie Shaw restores his uncle’s 182 to like-new
30 Planning for the GA Pilot:
Ask yourself the right questions
46 Installing Sun-Blocking Window Film

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Cessna Owner Magazine February 2020

Featured Plane: A Cessna Built for Two

Avionics: Perfect Panel: VFR

Cost Saving, Cost Sharing: Alternative ownership options

Ill or Agitated Passenger: How to stop an in-flight emergency before it starts

Member Restoration: Worth the Wait: Jai Pena’s spruced up Skyhawk

Hangar Tip
Cleaning Supplies Organization

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