2020 marks the 45th year of the Cessna Owner Organization and its publication, Cessna Owner magazine. We are the largest and best-known Cessna aircraft owner-specific organization in the world. Our members are all aircraft OWNERS who make the final decisions AND have the means to purchase the products and services that support their flying needs. As such, they look to us to provide them with the information, news, products and services they want and need.

Whether for business or pleasure, Cessna Owner magazine is dedicated to educating and assisting OWNERS of Cessna aircraft in their continual pursuit to become better, smarter, and safer owners and pilots.

Our editorial mix consists of topics ranging from basic how-tos and tech tips to detailed coverage of advanced flight training/tactics. Each edition also includes historical accounts of specific aircraft, news and insight on the latest General Aviation rules/regulations, new product/service news and reviews, plus, product and service offerings from hundreds of industry retailers and manufacturers.