2010 Issues

Cessna Owner Magazine July 2010

12 Who Needs Survival Gear Anyway?
14 SPOT: the Trendy Little Gadget that Could Save Your Life
16 Getting Back on the Horse
18 The Paranoia of Landings
20 Everything You Need to Know about Magnetos
26 The 162 (almost) is Ready
36 Protect Your Pets in Your Cessna
44 Are You Taping This? How Duct Tape has Infiltrated the Aviation Community
50 3 Surprising Ways Oxygen Can Save Your Life
52 How to Transport a Downed Airplane

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Cessna Owner Magazine June 2010

10 A Hard Day’s Flight
12 From Hero to Bum…Almost
14 Find the Right Headset for You
22 Cessna 172S: Skyhawk in Year 54
30 The World’s Most Versatile Airplane 172
34 The History of the Pilot’s Watch
42 When “See and Avoid” is All You Can Do: The Story of Flying with Gaetan
46 Learning to Fly the 195

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Cessna Owner Magazine February 2010

12 Heaven’s Door
14 All You Need to know about Wheel Bearings
16 How to Upkeep your De-Ice Boots
20 The Secrets to Getting Better Tires for Less Money
24 Caravan for the Jet Set: 208 Caravan
36 Enjoy a Float (or Two): Discover how aircraft floats transformed
44 How Safe is Your Pre-Heater?

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