2014 Issues

Cessna Owner Magazine December 2014

8 Safety Corner: The Aircraft Owner’s Insurance Checklist
10 An Introduction to Aviation Apps & Smart Technology
22 12 Things ALL Pilots Need To Know About Unfamiliar Airports
28 Lycoming’s O-320-H2AD: The Edsel of Aviation Engines
36 Featured Plane: The 310, Cessna’s Six-Seat “Learjet with Props”
42 Preheat from Afar with Far Start Technologies
48 Lessons: How to Fly an Airplane, Rod Machado’s New How-To Manual Hits All the Right Buttons
58 What to Know: Practical Preheating Options for the Cold Weather Pilot

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Cessna Owner Magazine November 2014

10 The Past, Present, and Future of Alternative Fuels
18 Engine Saver to the Rescue! Protect Your Engine with a Proven and Proper Preventative Maintenance
24 Exterior Lighting Options & Upgrades Guaranteed to Light Up Your Life!
28 TKM Inc. / Michel Avionics, Small Manufacturer BIG Story
40 Featured Plane: Cessna 414, Make Way for the Chancellor!
48 Lifesaving Smoke, Fire and Fume Fighting Tools and Procedures for the GA Pilot
58 What to Know: Just How Important Is It for that Little Red Beacon Light to be Working

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Cessna Owner Magazine October 2014

8 Safety Corner: Instructing in Your Own Plane Doesn’t Have to be Risky
10 A Pilot’s Response to the Mainstream Media’s Latest Attack on GA
18 Lessons: Fly Cheap! (at least cheaper): 3 Tricks to Trim Fuel Costs
24 Hunting from the Air: If You’re Gonna Use A Plane, You Better be Frank Buck!
32 Reimagined Aircraft: AOPA Testing New Ways to Open Doors to Aviation
36 Featured Plane: Cessna 175, Geared for Performance
42 Under the Cowling: Valve Clearances and Hydraulic Lifters
64 What to Know: Say “No” to Seat Slippage — Maintenance, AD Compliance and Secondary Seat Stops!

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Cessna Owner Magazine September 2014

10 School Days, School Days, Flying’s Golden Rule Days
18 Good Music, BBQ, and More Power! Texas Skyway’s 310-horsepower Skyland
32 ELT Stories: Why “Invest” in a 406?
42 Featured Plane: Cessna 195, Single-engine Businessliner
52 Under the Cowling: Post Annual “Insurance”, Don’t Discount the Double-check!
66 What to Know: 3 Good Reasons NOT to Skip the 500 Hour Magneto Inspection

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Cessna Owner Magazine August 2014

8 Safety Corner: Insuring Yourself in a Borrowed Plane
10 Avionics: An Insider’s Advice on Shopping the Shows
20 10 Tips and Takeaways from a First Timer’s Flight to Oshkosh
28 Everything You Need To Know About Aircraft Electrical in 1,000 Words
36 Veterans Airlift Command: Connecting Planes, Pilots and Combat Wounded
42 Cessna and Piper Spring Beach Paradise
52 Power Surge: The Past, Present, and Future of Concorde Battery and the Aviation Battery Industry
58 Featured Plane: Cessna’s T-206 Stationair, The 16-knot SUV
66 Under the Cowling: Sticky Valve Salvation, How to Diagnose and Treat a Suspect Valve
74 What to Know: 3 Useful Modifications to the Cessna 206

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Cessna Owner Magazine July 2014

12 Engine Management Options, The Big Four Manufacturers
28 The Land of the Free … and the Home of Restricted Airspace!
36 Never Run It Dry: Tracking Time/Speed/Distance is Only Part of Fuel Management
44 Hangar Etiquette: Don’t Be That Pilot
52 Featured Plane: Cessna Turbo Skylane, Business Turbo for the Family Man
62 An Insider’s Approach to Effective Water Rescue
80 What to Know: Diagnosing Propeller Leaks

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Cessna Owner Magazine June 2014

8 Safety Corner: Recurrency Training and Insurance
10 Is This the End of the Third Class Medical?
22 Engine Management Options: Part 1 Instrument Identification and Application
30 Cessna Training in a War Zone
38 Featured Plane: Cessna 17S: The Sensational Skyhawk in Year 58
44 Simple Pre-flight Preparations for Pilots with Pets
48 What to Know: Cylinder Compression Checks, Does That Continental Cylinder Really Need to Come Off?

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Cessna Owner Magazine May 2014

10 Mother’s and Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Pilot Parents
18 Garmin’s GDL-39 ABS-D Receiver
24 What most Pre-Purchase Inspections Won’t Tell You About Avionics
34 The Death of Cookie Cutter Design: Dream Scheme Gives “Ho-hum” GA Design the Heave-ho!
44 Featured Plane: Cessna Airmaster
58 What to Know: Owners, It’s Okay to Get Your Hands Dirty

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Cessna Owner Magazine April 2014

8 Safety Corner: Aircraft Registration and Insurance
10 Flying for Business: Avionics Tools for the Hard IFR Pilot
24 Modern Methods to Mitigate Bird Problems at GA Hangars and Airports
28 Zen and the Art of Flap Bearing Replacement
36 Under the Cowling: Aircraft Carburetors 101
38 Marshall Know: A Lifetime in the Sky
44 Featured Plane: The Caravan Powers Up
66 What to Know: Skylane Subtleties, Not All 182s Wrere Created Equal

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Cessna Owner Magazine March 2014

10 Part 23 Rewrite: The Times May be A-Changin’ (if we’re lucky)
20 Flying for Philanthropy: How to Use Your Airplane and Abilities to Help Others
26 Expert Advice on Avionics and What to Look for in a Good Deal
36 Aviation Education: Understanding Stalls & Spins
40 What’s Shakin’? Combat the Oft-ignored Dangers of Airframe and Engine Vibration with Dynamic Balancing
44 Featured Plane: Cessna’s Corvalis TTx
52 Tempest Tech Tip: Unraveling the mystery of Oil Filter ADB Valves
58 Under the Cowling: 6 Simple Strategies to Get Your Plane in Ship-shape for Spring
64 What to Know: The Right (and Wrong) Way to Rig a Crooked Flying Airplane

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Cessna Owner Magazine February 2014

8 Safety Corner: Insuring to Value
10 Avionics Tools for the Serious IFR Pilot
20 How to Prevent and Cure Nose Gear Shimmy
26 Shopping for a Loan?
32 Featured Plane: The Cardinal RG, Cessna’s Airplane of the ’70s
40 New Year’s Resolutions for the GA Pilot
48 What to Know: An A&P’s Perspective on Preflight Inspections

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