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March 2023
What’s inside… 

8   Charlie Gasmire’s Airplane Academy 
And Why Charlie Thinks the Skylane is the Best All-Around GA plane 
By Dan Brownell 
Visit Airplane Academy here: 

16 Avionics: IFR “Lite” 
By Bob Hart 

20 Sky Talk  
Musical Chairs: What the FAA and Insurance Companies Say About the Left and Right Seat 
By Scott “Sky” Smith  

24 Neglected 172: Bargain or Money Pit? 
Auction Find Restored After 12 Years in a Field 
By Dan Brownell 

30 Product Review: 
Lightspeed Delta Zulu Headset Review 
By Scott Sherer 
Visit LIghtspeed Aviation’s website 

34 What You Need to Know About Air Traffic Control 
Adapted Excerpts from The Pilot’s Guide to Air Traffic Control 
By Andy Watson 
Learn more about this book at 

38 Industry News 

46 Hangar Tip
Where to Find Lubrication Information 
By Elizabeth Gibbs 
Paul New Webinar Click Here 

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40 Member Q&A 

43 Member Photos  


6 From the Editor 

45 Advertising Index 

On the Cover 

Photo of Charlie Gasmire’s 1975 Skylane and David Gasmire’s 1970 Super Cub by Jack Fleetwood (