2018 Issues

Cessna Owner Magazine October 2018

6 Cessna 140: Small, Nimble, and Fun to Fly
14 Why Ladies Love Taildraggers, By Judy Birchler
16 Let’s Talk Antennas
22 ADS-B Out Primer
28 20 Things You Probably Never Knew About Aviation (Or Forgot)
36 A Game Plan for Keeping Your Insurance As You Age
40 Product Reviews:
Grypshon Tool Mats & TKM Replacement Radios
50 Tips and Tales About Flying Taildraggers
By Bill Cox
54 How and Why to Clean Fuel Injectors

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Cessna Owner Magazine September 2018

6 Cessna Aerobat: The Perfect Aerobatic Trainer
10 Why the Aerobat is the Perfect Aerobatics Training Plane, By Catherine Cavagnaro
16 The Scariest Word in Aircraft Ownership: CORROSION
30 Why is My Plane So Slow?
24 How Modern Avionics Features Can Reduce Pilot Load
32 Your Options for Owning, Sharing or Leasing an Airplane
36 Precision Vertical Card Compass
48 Have You Ever Looked at Your Mechanic’s Airplane?
54 Instructions for Continued Airworthiness

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Cessna Owner Magazine August 2018

6 Cessna 180: The Bush Bird Par Excellence
14 How and Why to Fly a Skywagon, By Andrew Dilworth
20 Evolution of the Portable
30 Rigging: Why is My Plane So Slow?
36 Avoiding the Drones
42 USB Power for Your Plane
46 Evolution of In-Cockpit Weather: Upgrading to SiriusXM
54 Lucas Spray Wax Does it All in One Bottle

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Cessna Owner Magazine July 2018

8 Thunderstorms: A 10-Point Program
14 A Pro Pilot’s Perspective on
Thunderstorm Avoidance
20 Cessna 172S: The Hawk Turns 62
26 Getting the Most from Oshkosh’s AirVenture
38 Should you Rent or Buy?
44 What Can you Restore for $10: Gas Cap Gaskets
54 A Word or Two on Plexiglas care …

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Cessna Owner Magazine June 2018

10 Jack Henry was a Cessna Drivin’ Man
18 Legacy Avionics: A Concern for the Future?
28 Tips & Tales from the Left Seat
34 Air-Oil Separators: Do I Need One?
40 How Medical Situations Can Affect
Your Pilot Ticket … and Possibly Your Insurance, Too!
46 Manifesto: A Book Review
54 I Don’t Put “Air” in My Tires … And Neither Should You!

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Cessna Owner Magazine May 2018

10 Echoes of Oshkosh: Sweepstakes Winners, Avionics Place, and a Ford Tri-Motor
18 An Introduction to Aircraft Propellers
26 I’m Calling the FAA! … and you should call your FSDO!
28 Palmyra Pilgrimage: Dream-catcher Cessna Awakens Flying, By Gary Wright
32 Cessna Corvalis TTx: Citation M2
Teaching Machine
40 Mount Up with Flight Flix
44 Let Show Season Begin!
54 A Checklist for Checklists!

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Cessna Owner Magazine March 2018

10 An Introduction to Back Country and Mountain Flying
18 Evolution of the Autopilot
26 So I Flew My Plane the Other Day and …
28 Skymaster 337: Cessna’s Centerline Thrust Twin
34 The Night I Almost Died in a Plane Crash … While Flying a Simulator!
40 Leaking Gas? Fix It Now!
44 The World of Winglets
48 How to Prep Your Plane for a Fresh Flying Season
54 Dum-Dum: It’s Brilliant!

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Cessna Owner Magazine February 2018

10 New EFIS Options for 2018
20 Why Does It Always Take So Long?
22 A Custom Interior at an Affordable Price
28 Cessna’s Turbo Stationair: Escalade for the Jeep Trail
38 A Master Pilot’s Perspective on Gaining Experience
44 Why Learn To Fly?
48 Airplane vs. Animal
54 Dow Corning 3145: Not Your Daddy’s RTV!

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