2015 Issues

Cessna Owner Magazine December 2015

8 Safety Corner: Tailwheel Pilots: What’s a Ground Loop?
10 What is Manifold Pressure?
18 The Dangers of Icing
28 The Pre-Purchase Avionics Inspection, How much is Enough?
40 Featured Plane: Cessna 206, South American Stationair
48 Window Care and Maintenance Tips for the Do-It-Yourselfer
56 The Plane Sense About Airworthiness

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Cessna Owner Magazine November 2015

10 ADS-B: Limitations, Liabilities & Loose Ends
20 Try Flirting with Twins!
28 Featured Plane: Cessna 337, The “Safe” Twin
36 A Hope for Life Rescue Mission
50 How to Overcome Automation Trepidation
54 Tempest TechTip: Anatomy of An Oil Filter
58 What to Know: How to Survive An FAA Ramp Check

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Cessna Owner Magazine October 2015

8 Safety Corner: Depend on Automation … When Appropriate
10 Buying an Airplane? The Avionics Equation
20 Fly With the Wind: Women in Aviation, International
30 Featured Plane: The Cessna 210, High Wing Cruiser
38 Aircraft Oxygen Systems 101: Fly High & Breathe Easy!
44 Under the Cowling: Pre-Purchase Inspections
52 Lessons: 10 Tips for VFR Flying in Marginal Weather
58 What to Know: The Dreadful Duo, COLD and DARK

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Cessna Owner Magazine September 2015

10 Avionics: ADS-B Update
20 The Not-So-Simple Science of Seats
28 Featured Plane Cessna T-50 Bobcat, Maximum Twin Maximum Fun
36 Flights of Marcy, Wings of Love: Liga International
46 Under the Cowling: An Inside Look at Engine Cylinder Repair & Replacement
54 Lessons: Wind Shear, The Invisible Killer
60 How to Spruce Up a Tired Interior Without Spending a Fortune

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Cessna Owner Magazine August 2015

10 Safety Corner: The Oft-overlooked Parking Brake
16 Aerobatics in an Everyday Airplane
24 When You Can’t Walk on Your Runway
32 A Safer View: Cutting-edge Camera Tech Takes Glass Panel Piloting to the Next Level
40 Flight Followng Is Your Friend
46 Featured Plane: The Cessna Cutlass RG, Gear Up, Sales Down
54 Take Your Engine to TBO & Beyond: The Case for Oil Analysis and Attentive Maintenance
62Under the Cowling: How to Recognize, Remove & Replace a Suspect Cylinder
68 Lessons: 21 Tips for the Pattern

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Cessna Owner Magazine July 2015

10 Avionics: Evolution of the NAVCOM
20 4 Unconventional Flying Options for the Working Pilot & Plane
28 How to Perform a Picture-perfect Slip and Make Your Pilot Friends Jealous!
36 Caribbean Air Rally 6th Edition
44 Featured Plane: The Cessna 421, Peak of the Piston Pyramid?
52 Under the Cowling: “Breaking Up” with Your Radio? Your Antenna Might Be the Real Problem
58 Lessons: When to ABORT

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Cessna Owner Magazine June 2015

8 Safety Corner: Prepare to Ditch!
10 It Ain’t Your Daddy’s (or your Mama’s) Flying Experience
16 PS Engineering and the Evolution of Audio Control
28 Flying the Iditarod
36 Under the Cowling: Engine Troubleshooting, the 10 Most Likely Reasons and Engine Would Run Rough at Idle
40 Featured Plane: A Different Cessna 150
48 How to Get the Airplane of Your Dreams

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Cessna Owner Magazine May 2015

10 The Ninety-Nines: Inspiring Women Pilots since 1929
18 Everything You NEED TO KNOW About Cessna Legacy Autopilots
28 CamGuard Confessions: A First-hand Assessment of Aviation’s Most Comprehensive and Controversial Oil Additive
36 Featured Plane: The 182RG Skylane RG
42 Under the Cowling: 10 Quick-and-Dirty Tips to Enhanced Oil System Maintenance

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Cessna Owner Magazine April 2015

8 Safety Corner: Renter’s Aircraft Insurance Coverage, The Hidden Danger
10 The real price of bringing a farm fresh “barn find” back to life
16 myAircraftLogs.com and the Evolution of Logging
24 Featured Plane: Cessna Crusader, Flying Cabin Class in Economy!
32 Lessons: Lookng for 200 Knots
40 Under the Cowling: Stubborn Screws and Rusted Bolts
46 What to Know: Hey, It’s Not Rocket Science! 3 Simple Maintenance Tasks to Take On Yourself

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Cessna Owner Magazine March 2015

10 Air Plains STC Auto Fuel
18 Aviation Foundations: Helping to Pursue the Dreams of General Aviation
24 The Transformation of N012MU: Project Plane Inspires Fill-service Approach to Buying, Renovating and Selling Aircraft
30 ADS-B Today Part 2: The Manufacturers
38 Featured Plane: Cessna Hawk XP, Skyhawk with Enthusiasm
46 Under the Cowling: Electrical Troubleshooting

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Cessna Owner Magazine February 2015

8 Safety Corner: Choosing the Right Plane, Logic vs. Emotion
10 ADS-B: Looming ADS-B Mandate
24 Interior Plastics: More Economical Than You Think
32 Featured Plane: The Cessna 140, Last of Cessna’s Little Taildraggers
40 Under the Cowling: How to Pin-Point Pitot-Static System Problems
50 What to Know: STOP Using Duct Tape to Hold Your Plastic Interior Panels Together

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