2017 Issues

Cessna Owner Magazine December 2017

10 An Insider’s Advice to Selling an Airplane
16 Pick the PERFECT Medium (or Harder) IFR Panel
26 Cessna T-Skylane RG
32 Getting IFR Clearance and Release from Uncontrolled Fields
38 How Well-meaning Mods can Inadvertently Affect Aircraft Values and Insurance
44 One-of-a-kind Program Prepares Owners for Engine Maintenance and Repairs
48 Holiday Gift Wish Lists
54 Is it Voodoo? Is it Witchcraft?
Nope, it’s Valve Grinding Compound!

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Cessna Owner Magazine November 2017

10 Part 4: Overhaul Decisions, OEM or Aftermarket Parts?
20 Conquest II: Cessna’s Almost King Air Competitor
26 Cessna 441: Fly High, Fast and Far … at a Fraction of the Cost
34 Part 3: The Perfect Panel for Medium (or Harder!) IFR
42 Know Where You Are Going
47 The Shocking Truth about Unapproved Wiring

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Cessna Owner Magazine October 2017

10 Avionics: Fresh from Oshkosh
22 The Cessna 152: Aviation’s Ultimate Teaching Machine
30 Let’s Talk Overhauls! Part 3: Engines
36 What Instrument Pilots NEED TO KNOW about the Missed Approach
42 Panel Annals: Part 6: ADS-B
49 TKS Ice Protection
58 Sharp Practice: The REAL reason underwriters demand training

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Cessna Owner Magazine September 2017

10 Panel Annals: Part 5: Learning to Fly
18 Let’s Talk Overhauls! Part 2: Do-it-yourself Disassembly
28 Cessna 208: Caravan for the Jet Set
36 The Forward Slip: The Oft-forgotten Maneuver That Can Save Your Life
40 How to Pick the Perfect Panel
Part 2: The Perfect Light IFR Panel
52 What It’s Like to Fly a G1000-equipped 172SP Skyhawk

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Cessna Owner Magazine August 2017

10 Air Crash Epitaph: A Salute to Fallen Friends … and a Lesson for All
16 Panel Annals, Part 4: The Big Reveal
24 The 421 Golden Eagle: Flying the “Bentley of Cessnas” to Subic Bay
38 How to Pick the Perfect Panel
Part 1: The Perfect VFR Panel
50 Let’s Talk Overhauls! Part 1: Old Lifters Get New Life
58 Pilot Logbooks: Who needs `em and why?

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Cessna Owner Magazine July 2017

10 Avionics: Big News for Legacy GA Aircraft Owners!
22 Panel Annals, Part 3: Beware of Scope Creep
28 Cessna Cutlass: A Cut Above
38 Chase Ratings: It’s never too late to turn “someday” into today
46 Age shouldn’t matter … but it does
52 What Instrument Pilots Need to Know about IFR Clearance Copy & Readback
60 Turbulence: The Devil You Don’t Know

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Cessna Owner Magazine June 2017

10 When Things Go Wrong
How to prepare for and (hopefully) prevent in-flight system failures
22 A Pilot’s Guide to Spring Cleaning
28 Cessna 195: Just Class – Not Fast
34 Panel Annals, Part 2: Out with the Old
38 The Right Way to Clean Your Yoke Tubes
40 Takeoff Mistakes: The Critical Minute
46 Pilot in Command Authority

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Cessna Owner Magazine May 2017

10 Panel Annals, Part 1: Forming a Plan
16 Texas Skyways’ 310-horsepower Skylane
22 177 Cardinal: Cessna’s “Airplane of the `70s”
28 Lightspeed Aviation & the Evolution of the Modern Headset
38 NextGen Update: Did You Know?
40 Secrets of Johnston Island
46 Michigan Repair Facility Seeks Volunteers in Effort to Save Older Cessna Retractables
48 Instrument Approaches and Departures from Uncontrolled Fields
54 Will the New BasicMed Ruling Impact Your Insurance?

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Cessna Owner Magazine April 2017

10 Third Class Medical Reform
The new BasicMed
16 Part II: The Commercial Practical Test
28 Guardian Avionics provides a breath of fresh air in the war against carbon monoxide
36 Cessna’s 185: The King Kong Taildragger
42 Trial by Ice
62 Fly More, Save More! How to reduce the variable expenses of airplane ownership

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Cessna Owner Magazine February 2017

10 What It’s Like to Fly an EAA STC’d, Dynon EFIS-equipped 172
16 Active Avoidance Part II: The Equipment options
28 Cessna 340: The Everyman’s Twin
34 “Plan A” for Safe, Fast & Efficient Engine Preheating
40 Lessons on Icing from the School of Hard Knocks
50 “Training? I don’t need no stinkin’ training!”

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