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Cessna Owner Magazine July 2022

8 Featured Plane: Early 172 Models Are Great Retirement Planes
18 Avionics: R.C. Allen’s New MINI6 Digital Instrument
22 Sky Talk: Simulators Are a Practical Way to Practice
28 Review: TELY Technologies Headset
32 172 Restoration Part 1
46 Hangar Tip: Two Cessna Books to Add to Your Hangar’s Library

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Cessna Owner Magazine May 2022

8 Featured Plane: Cardinal RGs Don’t Look Like They Came From the ’70s
18 Avionics: Expert Tips for Managing Your Avionics Upgrade
24 Sky Talk: Do Safety Devices Save Money?
28 8 Affordable Updates for your Cessna
34 Island Find: Cessna 172 Rescued and Restored
46 Hangar Tip: $9.99 In-Cabin Tool Case

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Cessna Owner Magazine November 2021

8 Featured Plane: Cessna 337
16 Owner’s Perspective
18 Avionics: Garmin’s Amazing New Autolanding Technology
22 Sky Talk: What to Know if You’re Considering a Twin
28 4 Steps to Knowing Your Cessna
36 Flying the Obstacle Departure Procedure
46 Hangar Tips: CO Monitor & Electrical Contact Cleaner

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Cessna Owner Magazine October 2021

8 Featured Plane: Cessna 421
14 Owners Perspective: 421 is a Versatile Choice
18 Avionics: uAvionix Revisited
22 Sky Talk: Now’s the Time to Talk Financing
28 Restoration: Old Plane, New Panel
32 I Have a Dream: PIREPS Are Key to Making Alaska Aviation Safer
46 Hangar Tips: Mini Mirror & Prop Balancing

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Cessna Owner Magazine September 2021

8 Featured Plane: Cessna 150
18 Owner’s Perspective: Cover Plane’s Journey to the RAF
20 Avionics: The Future of ADS-B in Canada
24 Sky Talk: How to Choose Your Starter Aircraft
30 5 Keys to Aircraft Prebuy Inspection Success
32 Why You Should Always Use Flight Following
46 Hangar Tip: Replacement Headrests

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