2012 Issues

Cessna Owner Magazine December 2012

14 AirSport IFR/VFD Review
16 2012 Most Popular Pilot Holiday Gifts
24 Skymaster Comes Home: Maintaining the Family Flying Legacy
34 310 Cessna’s Twin-Engine Hot Rod
44 The Pre-1986 Used Aircraft Market: What’s Going On?
52 Headset Showdown! A Review of the Top ANR Units
58 Stay Sharp with a Cessna-Specific TouchTrainer

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Cessna Owner Magazine August 2012

16 How to Update Your Cessna’s Records and Logbooks
24 Border Crossings: FlashPass Makes It Easy
28 Back to Bahamas!
38 Citation 510: Check out the Mustang Sally
48 Cessna Windshield Maintenance Tips & Tricks
56 Cessna Undercarriage and Strut Maintenance
70 Fighting the Weather with Preparation & Skill

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Cessna Owner Magazine July 2012

16 Cessna Speed Mods: Fly Faster, Farther & Safer
24 Fly Canyonlands National Park and the Moab Area
28 Install a Remote Oil Filter Kit to Make DIY Oil Change Easy
36 Cessna 172 Skyhawk: The World’s Most Versatile Airplane
40 Soaring in the 162 Skycatcher
48 Make Your Cessna a Speed Demon
52 Hot Stuff! Tune Up Your Heater & Ventilation System
58 The Best Severe Weather Avoidance Technology
66 A Poor Economy Creates Opportunity for Airplane Ownership
70 Skymaster, Down Under
76 Cessna Propeller Upgrades: Make the Best Choice

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