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AOPA Testing New Ways

AOPA Testing New Ways to Open Doors to Aviation Courtesy of AOPA Staff Editors                                 The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) wants to open new doors to aviation by exploring the concept that...

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Power Surge

Power Surge The Past, Present, and Future of Concorde Battery and the Aviation Battery Industry By Max Lundin The Battery’s Introduction to Aviation Aviation has always been a testing ground for new technology and the evolution...

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Flying the Iditarod

Flying the Iditarod A BEHIND-THE-SCENES peek at the planes and pilots supporting Alaska’s iconic sled dog race By Donia Moore Cessna pilot John Norris can’t fly his Cessna 182 often enough. As President of U-Haul Alaska, he gets...

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Aviation Foundations

Aviation Foundations Helping to Pursue the Dreams of General Aviation By Floyd Allen The days of true barnstorming may be long gone, but thanks in part to the work of a number of aviation foundations the same pioneering spirit...

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