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Cessna Owner Magazine August 2013

8 Safety Corner: Flying Isn’t Like Riding a Bike
10 Brake Breakdown: Part 3 – Installation
24 Tips from the Tower: Opinions From the Other Side of the Mic
32 Proper Planning for Large Venues
38 Stainless Steel: Remedies for Rusty Screws
42 5 Points to Know About Your Annual Inspection
46 How to Deal With Anxiety at Busy Airports
58 The Right Way to Start a Cold Engine
68 Window Care and Replacement
74 Destinations: Fort Myers, Florida

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Cessna Owner Magazine July 2013

8 How to Pick the Right Instructor
10 Repair and Replacement Options for Cylinder Overhaul
24 Brake Breakdown: Part 2 – Inspection, the 4 Basic Components
34 10 Steps of an Engine Overhaul
40 3 Basic Takeoff Principles
46 Destination: Caribbean Sky Tours
56 Cessna 175 Skylark: Geared for Performance
68 How to Recognize Spark Plug Build-Up
72 Pros and Cons of GA Piston Powerplants
80 The Proper Use of Form 337
88 Alternator Understanding and Upkeep

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Cessna Owner Magazine June 2013

8 Beat the Heat in Hot Flying Conditions
10 Brake Breakdown: Part 1 – Find the Right Brakes
16 Don’t Forget Avionics at Annual Time
28 Maintenance Basics Every Pilot Should Know
34 Featured Plane: 207 Stationair, Cessna’s Stretched Single
44 The Right Way to Check Spark Plug Resistors
49 How to Inspect, Test, and Maintain Fuel Injector Nozzles
54 Destination: Baton Rouge
60 Piloting on Mars
68 Destination: Lansing, Illinois

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Cessna Owner Magazine May 2013

8 Get the Maximum Benefit From Your Personal Minimums
10 Simple Suggestions to Spruce Up Your Cessna Interior
18 Guide to Owner Assisted Annuals
30 The Fine Art of Crashing
34 Best Tactical Flashlights for Cessna Owners
48 What To Do When a Safe Landing Is In Doubt
52 Featured Plane: 182 Skylane, Cessna’s Preeminent Plane
60 Guide to Cessna Hose and Tubing Maintenance
66 How to Prepare and Pack for an Unfamiliar Destination

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Cessna Owner Magazine July 2012

16 Cessna Speed Mods: Fly Faster, Farther & Safer
24 Fly Canyonlands National Park and the Moab Area
28 Install a Remote Oil Filter Kit to Make DIY Oil Change Easy
36 Cessna 172 Skyhawk: The World’s Most Versatile Airplane
40 Soaring in the 162 Skycatcher
48 Make Your Cessna a Speed Demon
52 Hot Stuff! Tune Up Your Heater & Ventilation System
58 The Best Severe Weather Avoidance Technology
66 A Poor Economy Creates Opportunity for Airplane Ownership
70 Skymaster, Down Under
76 Cessna Propeller Upgrades: Make the Best Choice

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