McMurdo ELTExtended warranty period reinforces McMurdo’s Kannad Integra as the world’s most innovative, cost-effective and reliable aviation ELT distress beacon

McMurdo, announced a new 10-year standard warranty on its Kannad Integra Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs). The new warranty period, which replaces the previous 2-year warranty, is a major reliability milestone in the aviation industry and helps airlines and aircraft manufacturers optimize and control costs long-term.

“The 10-year warranty we are announcing today demonstrates McMurdo’s confidence in the quality of our products and sets a new standard in the aviation industry. It reinforces Kannad Integra as the world’s most innovative and most reliable ELT,” said Remi Julien, McMurdo President. “Aviation customers around the globe, whether commercial aircraft manufacturers, helicopter operators, airlines, or general aviation pilots, can trust McMurdo to continually build and deliver solutions that will help make the skies safer, more cost-effective and more reliable today and in the years to come.”

Traditional ELTs rely on an aircraft’s external antenna and GPS equipment, which is subject to failure in the event of an emergency. The Kannad Integra ELT, however, through its built-in internal antenna and embedded GPS receiver, can operate independently of the aircraft to provide key positioning data for better location accuracy and a higher chance of rescue.

The new 10-year warranty will apply to all Kannad Integra ELTs purchased through McMurdo authorized suppliers including retailers, dealers and distributors, on or after April 20, 2016. ELTs purchased before this date, but within the last two years, will have their warranty extended for additional 2 years. To qualify for the 10-year or 2-year additional warranty, owners must register their Integra ELTs and agree to the terms and conditions on

For more information about Kannad Integra and McMurdo’s Emergency Readiness and Response ecosystem solutions, visit the Kannad Integra Resource page at or the McMurdo website at