With the exception of an aircraft that is unserviceable, there can’t be many things as irritating or tiresome as poor quality audio. Edinburgh based Trig Avionics solves this problem with their new audio panels which start shipping in January.

Aircraft owners can select from two models, the superior TMA45 panel and standard TMA44 panel. Both units benefit from a high-quality and simple-to-use interface, matched with impressive audio and entertainment technology. Trig audio panels are a natural companion for Trig TY96 and TY96A stack radios; however, they support third party products too.

Both audio panels are dual comm, dual nav and fully featured for IFR and VFR flight. The TMA45 has comprehensive entertainment features with Bluetooth wireless support for music and mobile devices. The TMA45 hosts 2-6 seats, and has Trig Digital Noise Reduction (TDNR) to automatically select the optimum level of intercom squelch and mic threshold, reducing cockpit noise. Trig Active Mute (TAM) further reduces unwanted background noise from radio static, producing class leading audio. These features allow customers to enjoy the comprehensive stereo music and entertainment.

The TMA44 hosts 2-4 seats and has mono entertainment and communication options. Each audio panel has a built in intercom and marker beacon receiver.

Jon Roper Marketing Manager at Trig said, “With a choice of two audio panels Trig has created options for all pilots. Those looking for a fully featured stereo and Bluetooth audio panel will fit the TMA45 superior panel. Those pilots wanting key features but great value will most likely buy our TMA44 standard panel.”

The TMA45 is a plug and play retro-fit for GMA340 audio panels. The TMA44 uses an industry standard 44 pin connector, making a simple retro-fit with older audio panels easy. Both panels are 33mm high and have the same form factor.

You can order a TMA44 or TMA45 through Trig’s extensive Approved Trig Dealer network. For details visit: www.trig-avionics.com.