Check in for fast and affordable ADS-B

ADS-B experts Trig Avionics are rolling out a new Express Lane service for aircraft owners. This new opportunity provides one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to become ADS-B Out compliant, by using a TT31 transponder.

With the right avionics Trig Express Lane dealers can now install a 2020 solution in as little as 5-8 hours, three times faster than many competitors. Trig’s online Express Lane web page allows pilots to check their configuration and find a participating dealer offering this new rapid service.

Trig CEO Andy Davis said, “Aircraft owners often overlook the expense of fitting ADS-B, if you have an old KT76A, KT76C or KT78A transponder then a TT31 is a simple slide in replacement. If you also have an existing GTN or GNS WAAS navigator then you qualify as an Express Lane candidate. Trig provides the most compelling and quick upgrade path.”

This latest innovation has been made possible by new transponder software for Trig’s popular TT31 transponder. This streamlines installation, further improving on Trig’s class leading credentials.

Dave Rankin CEO of Peregrine of Denver, Trig’s STC partner said, “Our research across general aviation indicates that Trig’s improved TT31 installation is quicker and easier than competitor products – customers with legacy avionics will genuinely benefit by saving time and money.”

The TT31 is a Mode S transponder and is ADS-B capable. Using the existing transponder antenna, encoder, wiring and compatible Bendix King tray the TT31 takes the complexity and worry out of ADS-B. With a list price of $ 2,995 the TT31 provides aircraft owners with the best combination of features, quality and value.

The Express Lane includes a free STC and associated AML list for over 650 over aircraft. Meet the 2020 mandate without breaking the bank. Save time and money by logging onto to find a participating Express Lane dealer.