propilot-mss-0001230597cMayo Clinic’s ProPilot program has joined USAIG’s (United States Aircraft Insurance Group) industry-leading Performance Vector safety initiative. Eligible policyholders now have the option to select ProPilot as their Performance Vector benefit.

The program combines Mayo Clinic’s world-class comprehensive, customized health-care approach with a supportive team of medical professionals who fully understand the FAA medical certification process and the unique stresses pilots face.

mayo“Mayo Clinic represents the very pinnacle in advanced health care and has a long and distinguished history in aviation and aerospace medicine,” said Dave McKay, USAIG Chairman and CEO. “We are proud and honored to form this relationship with Mayo, knowing it will advance wellness and help our policyholders’ pilots sustain long, productive flying careers – factors vital to aviation safety.”

When a policyholder selects ProPilot, USAIG covers the annual program fee for that organization’s pilots (up to 10). The ProPilot program manager interviews the appropriate flight department manager to understand the organization’s needs and culture. Together, they determine an appointment schedule for high-quality medical certification examinations and codify program details and options. Each participating pilot receives a unique identifier and member card, and visits Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for an annual aeromedical physical examination. (Note: travel costs are the responsibility of the policyholder.)

PrintProPilot functions as the flight department’s out-of-house medical director, working supportively and proactively to sustain pilots’ medical certification and fitness for flight duties. If a condition threatening a pilot’s medical certification emerges, the program brings its substantial expertise to bear, maximizing the opportunity to resolve the issue favorably. The annual enrollment covers:

  • Preventive health screening for pilots upon enrollment
  • Annual, comprehensive flight physical examination at Mayo Clinic
  • Prescheduling and nurse interviews prior to arrival
  • Comprehensive review of health history and medical records management
  • Referrals for additional screenings or tests recommended for proactive health management
  • Rapid access to specialized medical care if a medical condition arises while a ProPilot member
  • Resources that help promote health and wellness, resolve or prevent injuries or chronic conditions, and cultivate resilience over the course of an aviation career
  • Discrete, de-identified reports to flight department managers to facilitate efficiently sustaining fitness for duty among all pilots
  • Trusted advice and assistance with FAA waivers, Special Issuance applications, and emerging pilot health concerns

“Most of our flight physicians are pilots themselves or have been active in military service,” said Clayton T. Cowl, MD, MS, Chair of Mayo Clinic’s Division of Preventive, Occupational & Aerospace Medicine. “As physicians who ‘speak airplane’, we understand that it’s critical to always have a backup plan for our participants if a medical condition occurs between flight physicals or is identified during screening. We know how to work with the FAA to expedite medical waivers and our goal is to minimize risk of a career-altering medical condition from ever occurring.”

Performance Vector programs align with aviation regulatory requirements, accreditation protocols and industry recommended standards such as FAA, IS-BAO, NBAA’s Certified Aviation Manager program, and ICAO.

Policyholders that insure one or more turbine-powered aircraft, or place multiple aviation policies with USAIG, can select one Performance Vector option each year, and eligibility for an additional election refreshes each policy renewal.

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About Mayo Clinic – Mayo Clinic’s mission is to inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education and research. Part of the Division of Preventive, Occupational and Aerospace Medicine, Mayo Clinic’s ProPilot program is run by a team of Aviation Medical Examiners and support staff dedicated to providing the highest level of care and expertise to pilots. Corporations that send their pilots to the program do so because they count them among their most valued human resources, and share the ProPilot program’s goal of keeping pilots healthy and able to enjoy long aviation careers. Eligible policyholders can use their annual Performance Vector benefit to have USAIG cover the annual ProPilot program enrollment fee. Please visit their website at: