camguard-1Aircraft Specialties Lubricants (ASL) has announced the appointment of Tim Albin as the new General Manager of the CamGuard family of Oil Additives.

CamGuard is the oil additive package that has swept aviation, becoming a maintenance must for thousands of aircraft owners and operators. Developed by Formulation Chemist Ed Kollin, CamGuard is a complete additive package meant to enhance engine oil and address four destructive issues common to all internal combustion engines.

Albin was one of the initial owners of CamGuard. Recently retired from 28 years of Law Enforcement, Albin consulted with police departments across the U.S. and internationally before being named to lead the CamGuard team.

Greg Merrell, owner of Aircraft Specialties Services, Inc., the parent company of Aircraft Specialties Lubricants, said, “Tim is a long time friend and fellow pilot, and he is bringing considerable organizational skills to our CamGuard Division.”

Albin plans on a speedy acclimation to his new position and intends to guide the marketing efforts for the entire CamGuard product line which includes Aviation, Automotive, Marine, Heavy Duty/Diesel, Small Engines, and even a racing formula friction modifier.

“Tim is a super-organized guy and has worked the aviation shows with us for years,” said longtime spokesperson and Marketing Manager, Randy Bibb. “It will be great to have him on board full-time.”

Albin’s entry into management comes at a time when the company is involved in an intense test program with Continental Motors and the development of a totally new aviation oil. This is the newest formulation for aviation oil in nearly 60 years and has CamGuard pre-mixed at the proper ratio. Intentions are to be user-friendly and markedly lengthen the lifecycle of oil in an engine, a lifecycle that testing will determine.

“I have wanted to be involved in the aviation business for a long time,” said Albin. “This is an exciting and creative company, and I look forward to watching it grow.”

Aircraft Specialties Lubricants is the Lubrication Division of Aircraft Specialties Services, Inc., a 37-year-old company considered the premier aviation machine shop in the U.S. For more information, contact Aircraft Specialties Lubricants at 1-918-826-9252 or visit