Topics for Podcast #2

Mark’s engine update and background

  • Engine had 1900+hrs and _ years of service and healthy when . . .
  • Crank shaft counterweight bushings drove need to overhaul, otherwise all good
  • Best practice is one (1) per day shallow (max 200 rpm drop) when cycling the prop on ground

The Good & Bad of Flying Clubs

  • Social interaction with other pilots
  • Saving $ substantially
  • Most members don’t fly
  • Opportunities for mentoring
  • Mark’s guy from the Flying Club – ready for X-C flying?

Bug Update

  • Last week flew TriPacer to 91C to pick up girlfriend outside of Madison. Disallowed for night Ops
  • Returned to 91C in 182RG – F16’s fly by with no forward vis
  • Flew to dinner at 06C in dark – King Air cut off on arrival
  • Dad I flew (3) types of airplanes in the last week – J3 at CubAir (Steve Krog), PA-22, and R182

Listen to Podcast #1 Here.

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