Topics for Podcast #3

  1. Preheating & cold weather ops 
  1. Mark’s engine overhaul update – 1st flight 
  1. Analog instrument approaches in PA22 with Bug 
  1. Review of airplane lube chart 


On Preheating: “If you read the service bulletin, like Continental says, you can preheat your engine anytime. And they say if you want to be especially nice to your battery, you should preheat your engine because the preheated engine is going to take less to turn over.  So I don’t think that it has a low end, thresholds of below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or whatever. There’s no upside or upward (temperature) limitation.”

On Lubricating Your Own Plane: “If there’s anything that pilot owners can do, it’s lubricate their airplanes. It’s so easy, usually, and it makes all the difference. So for example I was looking on the nose gear, the steering bungee, the want lubricated every 25 hours. I couldn’t the lubrication points. So this winter, I’m going to find that. Everybody that owns and operates an airplane should go out there with a can of Triflow or LPS2 and just start squirting. That’s what IAs do, that’s half your annual. So on the Tri-Pacer, we’re gonna lube the jackscrew and the rear pivot on the horizontal tail at every oil change.”

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Scott Sellers has been a Cessna single-engine owner since 1995 (Cardinal, 182P, 182RG) and a pilot since 1975, all thanks to his wife Cindy, who tolerates, supports, and still enjoys flying after all these years. Besides this podcast, he is authoring a series in Cessna Owner magazine that involves Sellers updating and upgrading his new-to-him 1978 Cessna 182RG.