Introduction to Borescoping Discussion


Scott & Mark Sellers interview Dave Pasquale of Pasquale Aviation 

  1. What is borescoping? 
  • Method for preventative maintenance 
  1. Why is borescoping important for your airplane engine? 
  • Trend monitoring of cylinders, cam & lifters. Note: Annual Inspection cylinder report is key 
  • Borescoping Lycoming vs TCM engines 
  • Good for airframe items that are difficult to access for inspection  i.e. Cessna door post or Piper PA-28 spar AD 
  1. What is preferred frequency of cylinder borescoping? 
  1. What if your maintenance shop IA/A&P does not use a borescope? 
  1. Should a pre-buy inspection include borescoping? 
  1. Should owners borescope? 
  1. Borescope vs. cylinder compression test – which is more important? 
  1. Preferred type of borescope 

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This podcast led to an article in the October 2022 issue in which Scott Sellers writes about how to learn how to borescope yourself. Read that article here.

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Scott Sellers wrote two articles on borescoping (so far). Read them in the October 2022 issue and the November 2022 issue.