Episode 5 features Part 2 of Scott Sellers’ interview of Dave Pasquale reviewing the step-by-step of cylinder borescoping. Yes, Cessna owners can learn to do this themselves, as Sellers and Pasquale discuss here.


  1. Preferred make & model of borescope
  2. To access your engine you must know how to remove the top cowl and top spark plugs in each cylinder
    1. Ask someone to show you who is familiar like your mechanic or another owner
  3. Familiarize yourself with your borescope at home before going to the hangar
    1. Give yourself an hour or more to play with the scope
  4. Review Dave Pasquale’s Cylinder Inspection Instructions document
    1. Will post cylinder instructions on the forum for everyone to access.
    2. Print them out and take instructions with you to hangar
  5. Select Vividia or Camera App on your laptop – your choice
    1. Prepare to organize your photos so later on you’ll know where they came from
  6. Discuss photo sequence laid out in Dave Pasquale’s Cylinder Inspection Instructions
  7. TCM vs. Lycoming engine cylinder sequence
  8. Don’t turn the engine with the scope in the cylinder!
  9. Be careful when taking valve seat and guide photos to keep scope on the edge of the valve so it doesn’t get stuck. Don’t try these photos if you’re concerned.

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Click here to listen to Part 1.

Scott Sellers wrote two articles on borescoping (so far). Read them in the October 2022 issue and the November 2022 issue. Also download Pasquale’s guide to cylinder inspections at the link for the November issue.