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Listening to podcasts has become a regular activity for many so when we recently heard discussion about the lack of GA flying for travel, and having been in engaged in that for decades we thought why not take a crack at exploring that topic. 

My brother Mark and I fill the BHH podcast with discussion about GA travel.  We grew up in a GA household in the 1960’s where our father was an early adopter of using small airplanes for business & personal travel having attended Embry Riddle in the 1950’s.  Dad was one of the few instrument rated GA pilots who regularly flew single-engine/single-pilot IFR for travel beginning in the 50’s and we have home movies of our family flying into LaGuardia for the 1964 World’s Fair in his Piper TriPacer.  What started as interest in a business tool for Dad turned into a personal passion, as it has for many of us.

Dad on a work trip, circa 1975  

              Dad and Mark on work trip, mid-1980s

While listening to aviation podcasts we noticed there is nothing offered for GA aircraft owners/operators by GA owners/operators that cover using the airplane for travel. Mark & I have a combined 76 years of experience GA flying for travel including more than 30 years each as aircraft owners and operators.  Other than the Cirrus owners at a price point beyond the capability of most, we almost never hear another single engine airplane on the frequency that is traveling especially when weather requires an instrument flight plan. 

Our hope is to share how we use airplanes for travel to benefit others and encourage participation in what was formerly a common activity.  Enjoy ‘Beyond the Hundred Dollar Hamburger’ podcast!

Topics for Intro Podcast #1

Keys to Small Airplane Travel with You as Passenger & Pilot

  • Airplane’s mechanical condition – know it & don’t presume anything. Is It Ready for this flight?
    • Takes years to learn/this – what is a Safety of Flight item?
    • Type forums are useful i.e. Viking forum, CPA forum
    • Don’t throw your mechanic the keys for annual
    • Must ‘Lift Your Game’ above training & learning the basics
  • Pilot Skills – A Moving Target
    • Mark breaking in new engine while hasn’t flown his airplane in 4 months
    • Difference between legal and proficient
    • Database updates. Firmware for G5’s, Engine monitor
  • Weather Knowledge – Is Wx for the trip OK for the airplane & pilot?
    • Personal mins
    • Mark’s flying to vacation home. Good weather is best for visiting. Can always divert to Plymouth that’s often VFR.
    • Practicing approaches in actual IFR is a valuable way to polish your skills i.e. Scott & Bug going into BGM
  • Destination Knowledge
    • Must be aware prior to arrival. Tiedowns, hangars, fuel?
    • Call to confirm the details 
  • Bug update

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