BendixKing Confidence Plan extends warranty coverage on all new and previously purchased products.

BendixKing, a business unit of Honeywell (NYSE: HON), has announced the BendixKing Confidence Plan, a new warranty program that extends the warranty period for new products up to seven years. The new plan also allows operators to elect coverage for products whose previous warranty has already expired.

“BendixKing’s new Confidence Plan gives operators years of worry-free serviceability on new and existing products that will help them save money,” said Mark Abbott, senior business manager, BendixKing. “If repairs are needed, operators using the Confidence Plan will typically save over a third of what they would have paid had they not been covered. This means that operators can build repair expenses right into their budget with a known, out-of-pocket expense.”

BendixKing’s Confidence Plan will extend the warranty period for all new products to five years, and all existing products to three years. After each initial warranty has expired, operators have the option of adding two, one-year extensions to their warranties, bringing total coverage of new products to seven years and total coverage of existing products to five years. The BendixKing Confidence Plan is open to all operators beginning December 2017. It is especially desirable for fleet operators, flight schools and flying clubs that want stable and predictable repair costs and the confidence in knowing their technology investments are covered in case of failure, no matter what. The program is also fully transferrable should a covered aircraft be sold.

Operators can easily see how much they can save by selecting BendixKing’s Confidence Plan with BendixKing’s online quote estimator. To use it, operators simply fill in the required information, which reflects their savings, and send the information to BendixKing for a formalized quotation and agreement. Operators can find the quote estimator at

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The Confidence Plan is subject to BendixKing’s Standard Terms and Conditions, and this announcement is subject to change without notice.