HET-PM2407-StarterNew mid-weight, direct-drive, FAA PMA approved starter delivers increased performance for six-cylinder engines at a lower weight than previous models.

Montgomery, AL, (March 07, 2016)  — Mike Disbrow, president of Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) announced today that the company has introduced the newest member of its popular PM-Series starter family.

“Continental has expressed growing interest in this new PM-Series starter as a lighter weight alternative to the standard Energizer style they have been using on their six-cylinder engines,” he said. “This new starter is a mid-weight. It’s over three and a half pounds lighter than the Energizer style starter it replaces, but its new-generation components enable it to deliver performance on par with the benchmark Energizer.”

Along with the aforementioned advantages, the new PM-Series starter offers other benefits, including:

  • Large, high-torque permanent magnet motor providing high-speed cranking performance.
  • Low in-rush current draw, which puts less strain on the battery.
  • Excellent cooling characteristics for a high-duty cycle.
  • Direct drive, so there is no need for a complex gear reduction system.
  • FAA-PMA approved for use on six-cylinder Continental engines.
  • Available in both 12- and 24-volt models.

“The PM Series starter for Continental engines offers the best-of-both-worlds,” Disbrow said. “It sits between lightweights and the standard Energizer, delivering Energizer-like performance, while weighing only a single pound more than the upper range of the lightweight starters.”

“Both the 12-volt model (PM1207) and the 24-volt (PM2407) list for $1,599.00,” he said. “They are now available from Hartzell Engine Technologies’ distributors and come with a 24-month or 1,000-hour warranty – whichever comes first.”

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