Cessna Owner Magazine - 02/2023

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February 2023
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Table of Contents

8 Cessna 172 Market Report & Tips
In-Depth Reviews and Advice from Skyhawk Owners
By Dan Brownell

16 Gary Anderson Preserves a Classic 172 Skyhawk
By Dan Brownell

18 Avionics Q&A
Recommendations on Slide-ins, GPS, and More
By Bob Hart

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22 Sky Talk: Tips and Traps in Warranties
By Scott “Sky” Smith

26 How to Repaint Interior Plastic Trim
By John A. Bradley

32 172 Panel Upgrade & STC Now Available
Six Pack Aero Gets FAA Approval for 172E to 172M
By Rocky Landsverk

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38 News

46 Hangar Tip: 177 and 210 Carry-Through Spar ADs
The Root Cause of the Corrosion Problem
By Elizabeth Gibbs

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40 Member Q&A

43 Member Photos


6 From the Editor

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