A 4.5-Hour Video and Interactive Webinar Featuring A&P/IA Paul New

Also featuring longtime Cessna owner and COO author Scott Sellers

Things You’ll Learn

  • How to save $1,000 with a free thing you can do today.
  • How to save your life by lubricating these few spots.
  • How to prevent thousands of $$ in corrosion damage for a few hundred $.


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Corrosion: Steps to Achieve Peace of Mind

  • The science of how it works
  • Where and how to look for it
  • What you can do as an owner to fix it and stop it
  • Flightline walkaround and video discussion


  • Why lubrication is so important
  • What you need to lubricate and how to do it
  • Product review: What lubricants to use
  • Flightline walkaround and video discussion

Seat Latching System: Cutting through the confusion

  • What is in the myriad ADs and Service Bulletins.
  • How the ADs and Service Bulletins should be complied with.
  • What YOU need to know, and why.
  • Optional secondary seat stop options.
  • Flightline walkaround and video discussion

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