LTF-Course-ACS-APP-768x787Course content reflects new ACS philosophy, includes updated documents

With the FAA’s transition from Practical Test Standards (PTS) to Airman Certification Standards (ACS) taking effect for Private Pilot and Instrument Rating, Sporty’s announces that its Learn to Fly and Instrument Rating courses are ACS-compliant.

“From back to the day when Hal originated the concept of the 3-day ground schools delivering courses across the country, Sporty’s teaching philosophy has always been focused on subject matter and not about memorizing answers to known questions,” says Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke.

The goal of Sporty’s courses is to impart the body of knowledge necessary to become a safe and competent pilot and not just make it possible for a candidate to pass the written test. While Sporty’s courses have always offered a complete learning experience with ground school, flight school and test prep integrated into one complete course, the new ACS philosophy will better link knowledge testing to the core, video-based training. It will also help to standardize the practical testing component by clearly communicating what applicants must know, consider and do.

Sporty’s course users now have access to the final ACS document from the FAA, complete with cross-references to Sporty’s video-based training. These video review references make study simple by allowing users to watch the applicable content directly from the new ACS component within the course.

Updates are made on a continual basis to written test preparation components as the ACS continues to drive knowledge testing. The written exam endorsement is available directly from the course and Sporty’s continues to offer its industry-leading triple guarantee – you’re guaranteed to pass all three tests or your money back.

Sporty’s applauds the FAA for this vast improvement in flight training. The new ACS brings all of the components related to certification into one cohesive document – knowledge, skills, risk management and performance metrics.

“The ACS will help students, instructors and examiners better understand how these various elements are connected and apply to each task,” adds Radtke. “We are constantly reviewing our courses for upgrades, but the transition to ACS requires no change to the Sporty’s training philosophy.”

The online and app courses have already been updated with the new ACS documents, and are available to all existing users at no charge. DVD course users can access the latest ACS documents online as print-ready PDFs. Sporty’s is also extending a special offer to all DVD users who have purchased their course within the last six months: add either the online or app version of the course for 50% off. Customers can simply email to request the upgrade.

Sporty’s courses are available in three convenient formats to suit any pilot preference: online, iPad/iPhone app, and DVD. Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course and Sporty’s Instrument Rating Course are each available for $199.99 and may be ordered at Free demonstrations are available at