FltPlan_eLogbook_Home-PageFltPlan has released a new version of their free eLogbook program with a redesigned user interface and an array of significant new features. Users can now add photos and documents to any log entry, store instructor endorsements, store passenger information to add to eLogbook entries, and add custom wallpaper to the home page.

One of the most significant new features allows users to create an “at-a-glance” currency overview that graphs flying trends, landings per year, past flights, and flight times. The graph can be easily customized based on aircraft make and model, timeframe, and aircraft type.

The new eLogbook program features a responsive design that allows access to the program on any device — from desktop computer to mobile phone. All data for the free eLogbook is stored and backed-up remotely on FltPlan servers, data is secure and storage capability is unlimited. As always, the eLogbook program is free and integrates with FltPlan user accounts or can be used as a standalone program.

“If you are already a user of FltPlan.com for filing your flight plans, importing data directly into your eLogbook from the website is simple” said Sarah Wilson, Principal and Director of New Technology and Business Development. “And, since all of the data is stored on FltPlan’s servers and can be accessed without a subscription, pilots can use our eLogbook for a lifetime.” FltPlan_eLogbook_Currency-Graph copy

The ability to upload photos, documents, and endorsements to any log entry simplifies the process of organizing trip data for future use. This, coupled with the ability to create a graphical overview showing currency data, will assist users in providing necessary information for medical certifications and insurance purposes.

The updated eLogbook incorporates all of the features from the previous version, including automatic transfer of flight plans from FltPlan.com accounts, storage of aircraft profiles, and CSV and Excel data import and export. “Keeping an accurate, up-to-date logbook is essential and we believe that our eLogbook program is a simple and easy-to-use solution for any pilot, from student to professional. Because it’s free, feature-rich, and integrated with FltPlan, the move to our eLogbook will be an easy one,” added Wilson.

Learn more at www.FltPlan.com.