EAA 2015 302WASHINGTON, DC – (February 3, 2016) This week, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) released the Safety 1st General Aviation Misfueling Prevention Program – a free, online-based awareness program for pilots, line service professionals, FBO general managers and customer service representatives.

NATA, recognizing the need for an industry-wide misfueling prevention resource, developed the program to conform with standards from the Energy Institute and the NATA Safety 1st Operational Best Practices. The program consists of four different misfueling informational tracks, resources and certificates of completion.

“Misfueling prevention is a core part of the Safety 1st Professional Line Safety Training program, but several recent misfueling incidents convinced NATA of the need to increase awareness with a free industry-wide resource,” said NATA President and CEO Thomas L. Hendricks.

“Everyone has a stake in preventing misfuelings. The Safety 1st General Aviation Misfueling Prevention Program emphasizes the vital importance pilots, line service professionals, FBO managers and customer service representatives play in eliminating misfuelings,” added NATA Managing Director of Safety and Training Michael France.

NATA thanks the AOPA Air Safety Institute and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association for their assistance in producing this program. Additionally, the program was funded by grants from Eastern Aviation Fuels, EPIC Aviation, Phillips 66 and others.

The misfueling prevention program and additional resources can be found at www.preventmisfueling.com.