New Paratrooper Highline Provides Full-Sized Ride with a Compact Fold for On-board Storage

Montague Bikes, the leader in full-size folding bikes, has launched the Paratrooper Highline, a new bicycle designed to deliver top-rated performance and portability to general aviation pilots. Its full-size wheels and folding design offer the perfect solution to those looking for reliable ground transportation that can easily fit in a plane’s cargo hold or back seat.

The Paratrooper Highline is a rugged mountain bike made to deliver true off-road performance. Featuring a RockShox suspension fork for smooth riding on rough terrain, and 27.5″ wheels that roll over obstacles with ease, the bike is especially suited for pilots who commonly find themselves at small airports in rural or suburban areas with rough or non-existent roads. Hydraulic disc brakes also come standard for maximum stopping power in all weather, and the bike’s industry standard components make repairs possible anywhere in the world.

With a simple and lightweight 20-speed drivetrain, the Paratrooper Highline offers a wide range of gears that is perfect for getting pilots to and from their planes and can be used for long rides and weekend getaways wherever they decide to set down. When folded, the bike compacts to just 36 inches wide, 28 inches high and 12 inches deep, ideal for tight storage spaces on small aircraft. It also weighs only 30 lbs, making it very light and portable.

Like all Montague bikes, the Paratrooper Highline includes the patented DirectConnect™ folding system that provides increased frame stiffness for superior riding, and can be folded and unfolded in less than 20 seconds. It comes in 18-inch and a 20-inch frame sizes that accommodate most adult riders. The Paratrooper Highline retails for $1,249.00.

“We know that storage space is at a premium for plane owners. The Paratrooper Highline offers pilots a compact folding design for easy storage and delivers a full-sized bike built to handle rugged conditions when unfolded.” said Ryan Walas, Director of Marketing for Montague Bikes. “With a Paratrooper Highline onboard the adventure can continue as soon as your plane touches down.”

The Paratrooper Highline is part of Montague’s 11 all-new bike models for 2016 that feature the same folding frame design. The 2016 line-up includes six road and five mountain bikes ranging in price from $639.95 to $2,449.00.

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