This article has been updated in May 2021 with this 177 wing spar AD update and 210 wing spar AD update. Click here.

February, 2020 — The FAA has issued an airworthiness directive regarding severe corrosion and cracking on Cessna 210 carry-through spars.

Textron Aviation issued service letter SEL-57-06 in June 2019 and SEL-57-08 in November 2019 requiring owners of affected models to perform a visual inspection of the spar as well as an eddy current inspection to test for corrosion. The letter was prompted by the in-flight breakup due to fatigue cracking of a Cessna T210M in Australia in May 2019.

Mandatory Service Letter: Cessna 210 Carry-Through Spar

The agency states that it has received widespread reports of severe corrosion prompting the issuance of the AD. The cause of the corrosion issue has been as lack of corrosion protection on the part and a design that allows exposure of the upper spar surface to the environment. The AD goes into effect on March 9 and comments will be open until April 6.

Download the AD for more information here.