This article has been updated in May 2021 with this 177 wing spar AD update and 210 wing spar AD update. Click here.

On November 1, 2019, Cessna parent company Textron Aviation issued mandatory service letter SEL-57-08 requiring operators of most Cessna 210 models to inspect the carry-through spar for corrosion or cracks. The letter requires the inspection to be completed within 20 service hours for 210G, H, J, K, L, and M models (including turbocharged versions), within 200 service hours for 210N and R versions (including turbocharged and pressurized versions), or at the aircraft’s annual inspection, whichever comes first. Models that have been modified to alter airplane design, gross weight, or performance should be inspected sooner.

Inspection instructions for the carry-through spar involve both a thorough visual inspection and an eddy current inspection. If corrosion is found, it should be removed using aluminum oxide sandpaper, cleaned, and protected. If cracks are found, the spar must be replaced prior to further flight. Results of the inspection should be reported to Textron Aviation through the Carry-Thru Spar Inspection Report form.

Download the service letter to read the full instructions.

An earlier service letter, SEL-57-06, was issued in June 2019 covering the same group of 210 models. Aircraft that complied with that service letter are not required to comply with 57-08.

Read more about SEL-57-06 and download that service letter here.