H Esquirol C180-2Allows Piston Aircraft to have Full Reversing Function Similar to Turboprop Airplanes

The FAA has granted an STC to Flight Resource, a Wisconsin-based distributor of composite MT propellers and upgrades, for the reversing option for the MT Composite two-blade or three-blade propeller for Cessna aircraft.

Flight Resource’s Cessna STC approves the installation of the 83-inch, two- or three-blade MT Composite propeller to all Cessna 180/182/185/(T)206/(T)207/(T)210 aircraft with any version of TCM -470, -520 or -550 engines.

This unique, technologically-advanced system utilizes a two-stage hydraulic governor and a dual-piston propeller hub to allow a piston engine aircraft to have a full function reversing option similar to that found in turboprop airplanes.

The MT reverse system allows for significantly enhanced maneuvering of seaplanes never before possible and effective braking for ski planes. The MT reversing system also greatly reduces the landing distance of aircraft, especially on wet, icy or slippery surfaces.

Several safety features of the MT Reverse system also assure that the reverse is only activated when required for ground operations:

  • The system incorporates a static system pitot switch that will de-activate the system above a chosen indicated airspeed to prevent accidental activation in flight.
  • The system will not activate above 1300 rpm as the dual pistons lock together and reverse cannot be selected.
  • The system has a reverse “active” warning light to inform the pilot the reverse has been activated.
  • The system activation requires the master reverse power switch be turned on and the momentary reverse switch to be selected to enable the reverse.

“The MT composite props are perfect for seaplane use,” said Larry Schlasinger, the Flight Resource technical specialist. A nickel leading edge eliminates blade erosion, and wrapping with several layers of carbon fiber cloth makes the prop stronger than metal, yet up to 30 pounds lighter. Additionally, the natural composite core absorbs engine vibration making it feel like you are powered by a turbine.”

Pricing for the three-blade prop, spinner, reverse governor and installation kit is $25,950 plus freight and the two-blade version is $24,450. All props feature Flight Resource’s new and super durable nickel leading edges with blade and spinner colors available in white, red, yellow, blue, black, flat black, grey and silver. Stock props will likely be flat black blades, red tips and flat black spinners.

Flight Resources is currently taking new orders as they await a shipment of propellers for stock and existing orders. “This STC is proprietary to Flight Resource and we normally sell direct. We do, however, work with many dealers and in all cases the prices to the customers remains the same,” added Schlasinger.

While it is not possible for current customers to convert their existing MTs to reverse, Flight Resource does offer a trade-in price for their current prop.

For more information, call Flight Resource at (866) 717-1117, email sales@flight-resource.com or visit www.flight-resource.com.