“Jumpstart GA-IN” offers monthly financing packages to help ease the adoption of ADS-B for general aviation
Aspen Avionics announced they will be included in the NextGen GA Fund’s new Jumpstart GA-IN program. The program is the second in a series of efforts to help ease the financial burden of ADS-B compliance for general aviation. Aircraft owners can achieve compliance and realize the benefits of receiving subscription-free ADS-B traffic and weather using Aspen displays, coupled with L-3’s Lynx NGT-2500 ADS-B unit. The pre-packaged options are:

  1. Evolution VFR primary flight display (PFD)
  2.  Evolution Pro 1000 PFD
  3.  Evolution 1500 system (Evolution Pro 1000 PFD, and MFD 500 multi-function display)

All three packages include an antenna (if required) and a $2,000 installation labor credit. Through this program, owners can achieve ADS-B for under $300 per month.

“There has been a lot of conversations and opinions about how the general aviation community will be able to affordably comply with the January 2020 mandate,” said John Uczekaj, Aspen president and CEO. “This program cleanly addresses the general aviation community’s concerns from both a compliance and financial standpoint. The best part about this program is that general aviation aircraft owners can now upgrade their panels, increase their aircraft value, and take advantage of the safety enhancing benefits that ADS-B In and a glass cockpit offers.”

The NextGen GA fund product bundles will be offered for a limited time and must be installed by an FAA-certified repair station. Orders can be placed through the NextGen GA Fund or through an Aspen Avionics Authorized dealer. To find an Aspen Avionics authorized dealer go to www.aspenavionics.com/where-to-buy.