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Cessna 340

The usual question is which used, pressurized twin makes the most sense for a pilot looking to transition to the imaginary safety of two engines? My vote usually goes to the Cessna 340. Today, the early 340s represent an impressive buy for the pilot looking for twin engine redundancy at a reasonable price. The earliest examples, 1972-1974 models, sell for about $120,000 and the last production 340s, 1982-1984 vintage, bring about double that.

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Cessna Citation 500

By today’s standards, the first Cessna Citation (originally named the Fanjet 500 and later rebranded as the Citation 1 and finally the Citation 500) was perhaps the ultimate entry-level business jet. In 1972, it was one of the first corporate jets to be authorized for single pilot operation and the first in what was to become the world’s most popular line of business jets. Cessna’s 500 series Citations brought on-demand jet travel to folks who otherwise would have been relegated to the airline’s timeline.

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