Continental Aerospace Technologies now offers an STC to install a Prime IO-370-DA3A engine into Cessna R and S series 172s. The fuel-injected four-cylinder powerplant is an economical option to replace the original engine at TBO for 180-hp Cessna 172 R and S models.

The Prime engine includes roller tappets and has a recommended TBO of 2,200 hours that extends to 2,400 hours for high use aircraft. The STC includes the engine, a Bendix impulse coupled ignition system to provide improved starting and reduced magneto maintenance, a starter, fuel system, and associated STC paperwork to complete the installation on Cessna 172s currently using a Lycoming IO-360-L2A engine.

The complete kit is available to order today; deliveries were set to begin in September 2019. The engine comes with a factory new warranty, according to Chris Kuehn, vice president of sales, marketing, and customer support at Continental.

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