Joining two of Canada’s most established aviation companies creates the country’s largest provider of complete avionics, airframe, piston-engine repair and overhaul and, turbine-engine inspection and maintenance services for single- and multi-engine aircraft. 

Representatives of the Progressive Air Group and Brant Aero announced today that Progressive Air Group has finalized its acquisition of Brantford, Ontario-based Brant Aero.

Based at Brant Aero’s current location at Brantford Airport (CYFD) in Ontario, Canada, the new company will continue to operate as Brant Aero. In addition, the company has established a new parts distribution center based at the facility. That group will operate as Progressive Air East.

“This is a very exciting opportunity. The acquisition allows us to bring together two outstanding companies, each with over 40-years of experience in the support and mainte

Brant partners_Todd pic

Previous owners of Brant Aero, Bud Field, Edie Craddock, and Pat Field. Todd Collins, CEO, Progressive Air Group.

nance of private and business aircraft. The two companies are so closely aligned it was just a natural progression that Brant Aero should become part of the Progressive Air Group,” stated the Group’s President, Rob Wharf. “Bud and Pat Field have spent 43-years building an exceptionally strong technical team in a way that is the ideal complement to the priorities that the Progressive Air Group of Companies has established.”

“With the acquisition of Brant Aero’s Ontario-based facility, we can provide a full range of services to our general and business aviation customers including avionics and airframe MRO capabilities and a full array of inspection and maintenance services for both piston and turbine aircraft engines,” Todd Collins, CEO of the Progressive Air Group of Companies said. “This combination of customer-oriented services is certainly unique in Canada. In fact, only a few other companies anywhere in the world provide this extensive an array of services for private and business aircraft.”

“I feel very privileged to have served the aviation community for the past 44-years,” stated Bud Field, Brant Aero’s president. “Now I am very pleased that Brant Aero will continue into another era under the very capable leadership of the highly-respected owners behind the Progressive Air Group.”

Corey Anderson, General Manager of Progressive Air East stated that, Progressive Air Service staff are already located in Brantford have started taking parts orders and making deliveries. “We have the expertise and inventory based in Canada to not only provide the right parts in a timely manner, but a broad knowledge of engine parts and accessories to provide guidance on installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting,” he said.

In making the acquisition announcement, Collins confirming that both Bud and Pat Field would remain involved with Brant Aero going forward. In addition, Principal, Edie Craddock, a lifetime member of the American Bonanza Society, and avid aviator will remain a shareholder of Brant Aero.

“Between Bud, Pat and Edie we have over 100-years of experience and insight into aircraft ownership, operations, and maintenance,” Collins said. “This is experience that has served Brant Aero well in the past and will be invaluable to assuring our success and growth in the future.”

About the Brant Aero – Brantford Air Centre Limited (operating as Brant Aero) is a 43-year-old family-owned company located in Brantford, Ontario at the Brantford Municipal Airport, CYFD. Brant Aero is a Transport Canada certified AMO, #10-74 and SMS Compliant. Brant Aero has a total staff of 23 AME’s, engineers and support staff. The company represents all leading avionics manufacturers, as well as specializing in aircraft sales and maintenance, import and export aircraft from around the world. From simple modifications and repairs to full panel upgrades, their avionics services include customization, installation, maintenance and repairs of most avionics systems on the market today. They are also an authorized Cessna service facility and provide a fully array of maintenance and upgrade services for piston and turboprop aircraft. For more information, visit: 

About the Progressive Air Group of Companies – Founded in 1975 and based in Kamloops, British Columbia, the Progressive Air Group of Companies (PAG) is the parent company of Progressive Air Services (a global aircraft engine parts distributor), Pro Aero Aviation Ltd. (certified aircraft engine and accessories repair/overhaul), and Aero Sport Power (experimental aircraft engines). The companies employ 34 licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs), Technicians, Machinists and support personnel to provide the best service experience for its broad array of clients across North America and the world. For more information, visit:,, or