FltPLanGO_ADSBUnits-2The FltPlan Go app for Android now supports four ADS-B receivers. Android users now have the same freedom and flexibility that iPad users enjoy. Currently, FltPlan Go supports the Dual XGPS170, Flight Data System’s Pathfinder, SkyRadar DX, and the iLevil AW ADS-B receivers on both the Android and iPad.

By supporting a variety of different ADS-B units, FltPlan gives their users the freedom to choose which ADS-B receiver works best for them based on individual needs and price range. Several other aviation apps lock their users into using only one type of ADS-B receiver. This can be impractical with the typical cost of an ADS-B receiver ranging anywhere from $500 to $1500. Since FltPlan Go is compatible with various receivers, it offers savings and flexibility to pilots currently using or considering purchase of an ADS-B receiver. “Why get locked into one ADS-B receiver? It’s all about having options.” said Sarah Wilson, Principal and Director of New Technology and Business Development at FltPlan. “Many pilots in the industry use more than just one aviation brand, they are not exclusive to just one app. FltPlan realizes this, which is why an ADS-B receiver that is compatible with the FltPlan Go app will also work with a multitude of other aviation apps on the market,” Wilson added.

FltPlan does not limit their users. FltPlan Go users are able to select which device they want to use as well as which receiver they want to use.  Wilson commented, “The FltPlan Go app is the only free app that works on both the iPad and the Android and works with many different ADS-Bs. FltPlan users can choose if they want to use an iPad or an Android, and they can also choose any of five possible ADS-B units,” said Wilson.

FltPlan Go for iPad, iPhone, and Android is available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

About FltPlan – FltPlan is the largest provider of general aviation flight planning services in North America.  150,000 registered users rely on FltPlan for free flight planning and filing, charts, weather, FBO and Airport Information, Weight & Balance, eLogbook, Checklists, and premium services like eAPIS, SMS, Flight Tracking, and PDCs. The FltPlan Go mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is a powerful companion to the website. The FltPlan Go app is compatible with multiple ADS-B receivers and offers essential features and tools such as free geo-referenced approach plates for both the U.S. and Canada, NavLogs, real-time Weather, detailed FBO and Airport Information, Checklists, and Weight & Balance.