Levil Aviation is excited in the development and upcoming release of the BOM (Broadcasting Outer Module), the first and only aerodynamic pod that mounts under the wing of the aircraft. All components are incorporated into the BOM, making it a fully independent, completely wireless, all-in-one avionics device.

Every pilot should have a safety net when they go flying because no matter how much we hope for the best, it is always good to be prepared for the worst. The BOM is a platform for innovation, setting the stage for the future of aviation.

What makes the BOM special?

  • Automatically powered on/off with the vibration of the engine.
  • Self-powered and self-charging.
  • Fully independent inertial measurement system & source of altitude, position, and flight telemetry.
  • Wireless platform offering iOS/Android compatibility.

Installation was made easy by eliminating wires all together, and making the BOM a completely wireless interface system. Installation requires:

  1. Remote location: Under the wing or any place away from propeller backwash.
  2. Positioned close to the leading edge of the wing (for GPS reception).
  3. Attitude adjustments for level flight.
  4. Angle of Attack calibration.

Once it is installed, the BOM connect via Wi-Fi to a tablet inside the cockpit and data can be displayed on multiple Apps thanks to its open protocol.

“We are super excited about this product and we have worked very hard to make this as innovative and forward thinking as possible,” said Ananda Leon Levil Aviation’s general manager. I can’t wait to see what this product does to the world of aviation.”

For more information on the BOM and other Levil products, please visit: www.Levil.com.