Textron Aviation has issued a service letter advising Cessna Caravan owners to inspect the left aileron trim tab pushrods as they may be installed inverted. If the pushrods are found to be inverted, they must be removed and reinstalled. Textron’s guidance is to perform this inspection during the next maintenance period or inspection.

The service letter states that the installation NAS509-4 nut on the lower left wingtip will determine whether the pushrod needs to be removed and reinstalled. If the nut is on the aft side of the wing, it is correctly installed and no further action is required; if it is on the forward side of the wing, the pushrod must be removed, reversed, and reinstalled. Following completion of this action, the method of compliance must be noted in the aircraft’s logbook.

Affected aircraft:

Cessna 208 serial numbers 20800615-20800653

Cessna 208B serial numbers 208B5454-208B5522

Read the complete service letter.