51Vu+bGYZrLiCloth Avionics announces three Affiliate Partners that endorse iCloth to keep displays clean and touchscreens responsive; free samples available

Devonshire Industries, makers of the iCloth Avionics screen cleaning wipes touted as the must-have tool for the NextGen flight deck, has recently reached Affiliate Partnership agreements with two avionics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and a software company.

The small and versatile pre-moistened iCloth Avionics wipes are sealed and packaged individually, making iCloth ideal for inclusion in customer packages, so end users become familiar with this recommended cleaning system on their new high-end displays. OEMs benefit from shipping their displays with an approved product, knowing their screens will be cleaned safely and effectively, thereby reducing potential problems of screens being damaged by improper cleaning methods.

  • “Avidyne recommends the iCloth as a great way to keep your IFD540 & IFD440 hybrid touch screens clean and smudge-free. We recommend iCloth for all your other Avidyne displays as well,” says Tom Harper, Marketing Director at Avidyne Corporation.
  • “We recommend the iCloth Avionics brand as the surest way to keep Dynon Avionics screens residue and smudge-free,” said David DeLong, Customer Manager, Dynon Avionics.
  • “As the pilot for Seattle Avionics, I fly with up to eight iPads while flight testing our FlyQ EFB app. I use iCloth to keep the iPads’ touchscreens responsive to touch input,” says Keith Russo, Vice President, Seattle Avionics.

iCloth wipes meet or exceed requirements set by Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, the United States Air Force and Navy, CMC Esterline Electronics as well as Air Canada, Delta and Southwest among others. In other words, it’s safe for use on GA screens, keypads, and devices. In the independent press, iCloth Avionics was recently positively reviewed by both General Aviation News and AOPA LIVE (video).

They really work: to date, over 10,000,000 wipes have been sold to pilots and the aerospace industry for use on untold thousands of electronic displays.

iCloth Avionics is available for purchase from a number of Resellers, through the company’s web store, and through several B2B Distributors, all of which can be found on www.iClothAvionics.com.

To obtain your free sample, visit www.iClothAvionics.com and register for the current product sampling program.

About the iCloth: Made of aerospace-grade DuPont™ Sontara® spunlaced nonwoven fabric (not paper), each individually-packaged iCloth wipe stays moist until you need it and contains a purified-water-based solution with a bit of isopropyl alcohol and proprietary ingredients (no ammonia, no ethyl alcohol, no harsh damaging chemicals) to cut fingerprints, grease, and smears. It will safely clean and lift away gunk from EFIS, IFE, smartphones, tablets, other handheld devices and eyewear – drying streak-free.

Available to General Aviation: The iCloth is a big fan of GA and recently began sponsoring Steve Thorne and his fully immersive “Flight Chops” flying videos. To show its support, the company not only contributes to Flight Chops film productions but also participates in monthly contests and prize giveaways.

Distributor, reseller, and promotional programs are available, including special pricing options for Flight Schools. In a new and aggressive marketing push, iCloth Avionics now offers a free sampling program to all pilots, aircraft maintainers and owners on their website.