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Mike Disbrow, president of Hartzell Engine Technologies, announced that the company is producing a series of short instructional videos aimed at helping general aviation aircraft owner/operators and technicians better understand the operations of key aircraft components and systems.

“When we attend airshows and events we get a lot of the same questions from attendees and many of them are about basic operations and maintenance,” Disbrow said. “We felt that it was the right time to take all of our internal expertise and create a series of short instructional videos that our customers and technicians can access any time to get the information they need.”

“Educating aircraft owners to achieve the maximum life out of the Hartzell Engine Technologies components they have in their aircraft, as well as helping maintenance technicians quickly solve systemic problems benefits everyone,” he said. “The topics of the first three videos in the series are Understanding Your Aircraft Starter’s Duty Cycle, Turbo Cool Down and Electrical System Troubleshooting.”

“Understanding Your Aircraft Starter’s Duty Cycle” is available now on Hartzell Engine Technologies’ YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/uvnrbUrPy8Y

This short three-minute video covers the critical need for pilots to understand and follow the proper duty cycle procedures for their aircraft’s particular starter. The video includes duty cycle guidelines for starters produced by Hartzell Engine Technologies, Sky-Tec, and Hartzell’s “legacy” starter models.

“Few pilots take the time to learn their starter’s duty cycle recommendations,” Disbrow said. “Following the proper guidelines can literally add years to the life of a typical starter.”

For further information about Hartzell Engine Technologies and its products please visit: www.Hartzell.aero.