Lynx ADS-B DataSheet_03.inddAspen displays coupled with L-3’s NGT-9000 or NGT-2500 systems provide pilots more affordable, and feature-rich ADS-B options

Aspen Avionics announced it has received FAA certification for its ADS-B integrated solution that interfaces Aspen’s Evolution™ primary and multi-function displays with L-3’s Lynx® NGT-9000 and NGT-2500 systems. The interface includes the display of ADS-B weather and traffic data from either the NGT-9000 transponder model or the NGT-2500 remote UAT box, onto the Aspen display(s). Additionally, Lynx NextGen Active Traffic® from the NGT-9000+ model will display active TAS traffic onto the Aspen display(s).

“What we are seeing now is that customers are shifting their focus from the question of what is ADS-B, to researching their options of how they get the most benefit from the mandate,” said Mark Ferrari, vice president sales and customer support. Clearly, the solutions made possible by Aspen’s partnership with L-3 provides a range of solutions that add value at a cost that is very affordable.”

“Those pilots who have waited years for avionics upgrades and ADS-B equipage are finally getting an affordable and powerful duo with Lynx and Aspen,” said Larry Riddle, L-3 Aviation Products vice president of marketing and sales. “And current Aspen owners can easily become ADS-B compliant by replacing their old transponder with a Lynx NGT-9000 and have more situational awareness than many jet and air transport aircraft flying today.”

The Lynx NGT-9000 model is a Mode S extended squitter transponder with integrated touchscreen display and an embedded GPS/WAAS that ports ADS-B traffic and weather data to the Aspen Evolution displays through an RS-232 interface. While the Lynx NGT-9000 displays this data on its own touchscreen display, pilots now have several options to arrange data on the larger Aspen primary flight or multi-function display(s) − allowing them to view more information where and when they need it.

The NGT-2500 is also a single box solution for ADS-B compliance that works with existing Mode S ES transponders. It is an ADS-B Out/In system that features display options for MFDs, PFDs as well as Wi-Fi capabilities for iPad Apps. With an embedded GPS/WAAS source, pairing with a separate position source is not required. When coupled with a popular Mode C or S transponder (GTX 327 or GTX 330), the NGT-2500 model and the Aspen displays one of the most simple and inexpensive options for ADS-B equipage and cockpit integration.

Sales of the integrated systems will begin immediately.

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