Customers to save up to $600

July 25, 2017 — Continental Motors Group announced a time limited promotion on their range of FAA approved cylinders for LYCOMING and Titan engines.

Continental Motors will refund up to $600 to the customers that have purchased one or more cylinder kit (1 to 12 fully equipped cylinders per customer) between July 17, 2017, and September 17, 2017. This offer is valid for angle and parallel valve cylinders for LYCOMING®* and Titan™ engines with through hardened steel barrels or with the optional NiC3™ Nickel Silicon Carbide.

Continental Motors uses a unique vertically integrated manufacturing process to build cylinder assemblies, ensuring the highest standards of product quality. Tight management of the global supply chain allows for economies of scale, which results in savings passed to the customer. The company has integrated the most advanced quality and production controls to ensure that each product that leaves the manufacturing line meets the most stringent standards regarding reliability, durability, and performance.
To benefit from this promotion:

Customer will need to register on-line (no later than November 15, 2017). After filling in the online form, Continental Motors will reimburse an amount of $50 per complete cylinder kit for LYCOMING or Titan engine, limited to 12 complete cylinders per customer. The purchase will need to have taken place between July 17, 2017, and September 17, 2017.

on-line registration page

About the optional NiC3™ bore coating:

When used irregularly, piston engines are more prone to internal corrosion than engines that are flown on a frequent basis, since the oil layer left following operation will slowly fade away with the lack of operation. Further, since aviation piston engines are vented, moisture can enter the engine, especially as a result of the natural daily variation in temperature. The Nickel Silicon Carbide coating creates a barrier inside the cylinder that protects the cylinder from corrosion while hardening the cylinder wall leading to improved wear performance. The NiC3™ coated cylinders come with an additional industry leading warranty, in addition to the standard warranty, which covers the cylinder barrel against corrosion or premature wear for five years or TBO, whichever comes first. NiC3™ cylinders are available today.

All Continental Motors® cylinders and other spare parts are available through Aviall, Continental Motors Master Distributor for aftermarket spare parts and your usual parts distributor. Aviall stocks parts in 14 locations worldwide to ensure quick delivery of parts. 24/7 AOG Service is available. Aviall can be reached at 1-800-284-255, more details on