Cessna 100 ADs. This list of Cessna 100 airworthiness directives is provided as a service and is copied directly from the FAA website. We do not guarantee this is up-to-date. Click here to browse this on the FAA website.

Cessna 100 ADs

Published DateAD NumberEffective DateSubject
74-16-038/6/1974Restricted Elevator Travel
74-24-0311/22/1974Strobe Light System
76-10-105/28/1976Cabin Door
76-22-0311/4/1976Elevator Control
77-02-043/3/1977Wing Tip Strobe Lights
78-05-066/30/1978Flexible Fuel Cells
78-22-0511/6/1978Elevator Control Push Rods
79-01-011/8/1979Screws in Control System
80-09-03 R16/11/1980Placard -Oxygen
81-23-01 R11/4/1982Beech Kit or Supplemental Type Certificate
85-01-012/6/1985Acrylic Windows
85-22-0511/12/1985Nuts and Bolts Replacement
87-03-06 R13/12/1987Elevator Hinge Attachment
88-04-074/18/1988Wing Spar Nuts Inspection
89-25-101/4/1990Wing Main Spar Inspection
90-08-175/7/1990Fuselage Moisture Drain System
92-15-018/21/1992Truss-To-Firewall Bolts
2/16/20072004-23-0212/23/2004Nose Landing Gear (NLG) Fork
6/26/20062006-13-108/7/2006Rudder trim tab
6/16/20062006-12-257/28/2006Actuator nut assembly
9/9/20052005-18-2010/14/2005“FASTprop” propeller de-icers
2/10/20052005-01-042/22/2005Fuel hose
1/19/20052005-01-192/23/2005Mode S transponders
8/20/20042004-17-0210/4/2004Cross shaft attach bolt
4/21/20042004-08-156/7/2004TAWS8000 terrain awareness warning systems (TAWS)
7/8/20032003-13-168/25/2003Aft Pressure Bulkhead of Fuselage
1/22/20032003-02-033/7/2003Airstair door and emergency exits
12/3/20012001-23-1712/28/2001GNS 430 units
12/3/199898-25-0212/22/1998Top-mounted Antenna
2/17/199898-04-243/13/1998AFM – Limitations Section – Icing
12/3/199797-25-011/11/1998Outflow/Safety Valve
12/3/199797-25-031/21/1998AFM – Limitations – Power Levers
3/13/199797-06-065/9/1997Pilot and Copilot Chairs Locking Pins
2/22/199696-03-134/1/1996Main Landing Gear Drag Leg Lock Link
6/23/199595-13-037/28/1995Electrical Landing Gear Motor
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