Cessna 120 ADs. This list of Cessna 120 airworthiness directives is provided as a service and is copied directly from the FAA website. We do not guarantee this is up-to-date. Click here to browse this on the FAA website.

Cessna 120 ADs

Published DateAD NumberEffective DateSubject
46-44-01Rudder Stop Bolts
46-44-02Safety Belt Bracket Reinforcement
46-44-03Windshield Retaining Channel
46-44-04Carburetor Hot Air Ducts
46-44-05Engine Mounting Bolts
47-06-10Aileron Carry-Through Bar
47-06-11Forward Doorposts Cracks
47-26-02Wing Leading Edge Rework
47-43-01Primer Line Relocation
47-43-02Fuel Selector Valve Handle
47-43-03Seaplane Spreader Struts
47-43-04Rudder Control Cable Horns
47-43-05Elevator Spar Web Reinforcement
47-43-06Aileron Support Ribs
47-43-08Beech R003-201 Propeller Blades
47-50-02Fuselage Bulkhead
48-05-04Operator Limitations Placard
48-07-01Stabilizer Attaching Bolts
48-25-02Welded Exhaust Muffler
48-25-03Wing Drag Wire System
50-31-01Fin Spar Reinforcement
51-21-01Rudder Rib Flanges
61-25-0112/20/1961Met-Co-Aire Landing Gear
62-24-0311/21/1962Cabin Heat System
79-08-036/6/1979Electrical System
81-15-037/20/1981Engine Inlet Air Filters
2/7/20062006-03-083/10/2006Vacuum pumps
12/16/20042004-19-0111/1/2004Upper shoulder harness adjusters
6/17/199696-12-227/31/1996Full Flow Engine Oil Adapter
4/29/199696-09-066/7/1996Air Filter Assemblies
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