This article has been updated in May 2021 with this 177 wing spar AD update and 210 wing spar AD update. Click here.

“Normal” usage 177 owners needn’t worry until 15,000 flight hours; 210 is 4,000 hours

This article was corrected on July 10 to accurately reflect the number of hours suggested for 210 owners. Please read the PDFs if you own one of these planes.

Textron Aviation issued a service letter last week asking owners of 177s and 210s to perform an inspection of the carry-thru spar to look for corrosion.

The topic arose after a fatal crash of a Cessna 210M in May. That crash was described in an “Airworthiness Concern Sheet” issued by the FAA.

Download that here.

The service letter is entitled: “Carry-Thru Spar One-Time Eddy Current Inspection” and reads as follows:

The carry-thru spar can develop corrosion and cracks. Corrosion can propagate and lead to crack development. A crack in the carry-thru spar can develop to a point that the carry-thru spar can have structural failure that can result in subsequent loss of airplane control and/or wing separation.

Non-compliance with this service letter may result in undetected crack(s) in the carry-thru spar, which can result in structural failure of the carry-thru spar.

This service document provides instructions to do a detailed visual inspection and an eddy current inspection of the lower surface of the carry-thru spar.

MANDATORY. This service document must be accomplished within 10 flight hours from date of receipt.

You will need to use an FAA-certified mechanic or your A&P.

Cessna 177 Thru-Spar Service Letter

177: 17700001 thru 17701164
177A: 17701165 thru 17701370
177B: 17701371 thru 17702752
177RG: 177RG0001 thru 177RG1366
F177RG: F177RG0001 thru F177RG0177

Cessna 177 owners click here to download the service letter.

Cessna 210 Thru-Spar Service Letter

210G: 21058819 thru 21058936
T210G: T210-0198 thru T210-0307
210H: 21058937 thru 21059061
T210H: T210-0308 thru T210-0392
210J: 21059062 thru 21059199
T210J: 21058140, T210-0393 thru T210-0454
210K: 21059200 thru 21059502
T210K: 21059200 thru 21059502
210L: 21059503 thru 21061573
T210L: 21059503 thru 21061573
210M: 21061574 thru 21062954
T210M: 21061574 thru 21062954
210N: 21062955 thru 21064897
P210N: P21000001 thru P21000834
T210N: 21062955 thru 21064897
210R: 21064898 thru 21065009
P210R: P21000835 thru P21000874
T210R: 21064898 thru 21065009

Cessna 210 owners click here to download the service letter.