Textron has released a service bulletin for owners of certain 182T and T206H models who have installed Garmin G1000 NXi flight decks that include ESP software. The bulletin teaches how to change settings so the unit won’t turn off autopilot at low airspeed.

The bulletin applies to …

  • Airplanes that follow that have 2501.03 thru 2501.09 software installed.
  • Serial Numbers:
    • 182T: 18283062 thru 18283101
    • T206H: T20609560 thru T2069603

The equivalent of the service document was already incorporated on production airplanes newer than the above.

The reason stated:

The Electronic Stability Protection (ESP) will command a nose down pitch when the aircraft is in-air and at an angle of attack to trigger movement of the stall warning vane. If ESP remains engaged for 10 seconds (non-consecutive) in a 20 second interval, the system will engage the Autopilot (AFCS) in LVL-LVL mode, which then enables automatic pitch trim authority. This can be unexpected when intentionally operating the airplane in some flight conditions such as during training flights with slow flight maneuvers or power off stalls.

The service document provides instructions to update the software. It should be accomplished at the next 100-hour or 12-month (annual-type) inspection.